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PAZ (2017 Edition) for Genesis 8 Male via Legacy UVs Genesis 8: Michael 4 is in store now... he has 6 brand new head morphs and a new buff body for Genesis 8 Male. We have also included 10 head presets which are blends of his new 6 head morphs. Along with a set of normal map injections for Genesis 8 Male (Base Male UVs). So you can use both his morphs and normal maps on your other favourite skin textures. 

Hi-Fashion - Heidi for Genesis 8 Female is in store now... she comes with 5 eye options (with and without lighting ring overlay), along with four eye reflections,  4 make-up options, lips glossy, 4 sets of normal maps, Iray shaders tested in Daz Studio along with a brand new head and body sculpted in ZBrush. 

Beach Ready: Ben for Genesis 8 & 3 Male is now in store... woo hoo cheeky the Genesis 8 version comes complete with a separate set of head/ body normal maps which can be applied to any other Genesis 3/ 8 Male texture (Iray) preset included. Along with a brand new head/ body sculpt... bringing him truly to life for the Genesis 8 Male figure wink


Other news:

Poser 11 Users: willdial's Genesis 3 Updater works perfectly on Genesis 8 Male/ Female. So we too can use the new kids on the block in our beloved Poser... whoop whoop cool


We are also now offering a monthly subscription service over on Patreon called 'Monthly Figure Asset Package'. For a small fee each month you get several assets: head/ body morphs, pose packs and other add-ons for the leading male figures from Daz3D. Along with complimentary downloads of all the model assets which are released here. This excludes full character packs, hair, clothing and custom head/ body morphs packs. 

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